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The City

The conference will be held in Thessaloniki, located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula in the east part of the Mediterranean region. Thessaloniki is an ancient city, with the marks of history being imprinted on its architectural and cultural legacy (historical monuments). It is a city of contrasts, which combines modern architecture alongside traditional buildings and ancient archaeological, Roman and Byzantine era monuments and places. At present, Thessaloniki is recognized as a commercial capital in the Northern Greek district and as a dynamic centre in the south-east part of Europe. In overall, Thessaloniki's many and varied attractions provide visitors with a unique experience, while the expected mild and comfortable weather conditions during October, as well as the city’s and the country’s hospitality, create an adequate environment for the organization of a successful event and for all the social activities related to the conference.

As a familiar destination, Thessaloniki is easy to get to from most parts across Europe. More information about Thessaloniki can be found here .


The conference venue is located in a walking distance (2km) from the city centre, 2km from the city’s railway terminal and 20km from the airport. A full list of other near-by hotels will be presented in the conference web-page in order to simplify traveling.

As the conference venue is served by very good public transportation, it is not expected that delegates travelling to the event produce more environmental impacts than the ones that are usually produced by the regular public transportation.


The venue is within walking distance from most proposed hotels, from the city centre and from many museums, Roman, Byzantine and archaeological attractions of the city; thus it is expected that most delegates will prefer walking than using the public transportation, contributing to a further decrease of environmental impact for their transportation during the conference.

Stars Hotel Single room Double room Three bed Breakfast included Extra Website Contact e-mail Not included
***** Macedonia Palacea 140b/150c/160d/170e free wifi http://www.makedoniapalace.com/ reservations@makedoniapalace.gr overnight stay tax 4,00 euro
***** The Excelsiorf 125g/135h free wifi https://www.excelsiorhotel.gr/ reservations@cityhotel.gr overnight stay tax 4,00 euro
**** Cityf 70g/80h free wifi https://www.cityhotel.gr/ reservations@excelsiorhotel.gr overnight stay tax 3,00 euro
*** Park 60 70 81 http://www.parkhotel.com.gr/ info@parkhotel.com.gr overnight stay tax 1,50 euro
*** ABC 55 74 http://www.hotelabc.gr/ info@hotelabc.gr overnight stay tax 1,50 euro
*** Luxembourgi 61 76 free wifi http://www.hotelluxembourg.gr/ info@hotelluxembourg.gr overnight stay tax 1,50 euro


a Wireless internet access in all rooms and public areas
Cable TV NOVA & OTE TV in all rooms
Use of gym and external pool (seasonal operation)
Coffee and tea facilities in all rooms with Nespresso machine and water kettle

b Double room for single use, city view 140 €
c Double room for double use, city view 150 €
d Double room for single use, sea view 160 €
e Double room for double use, sea view

f For reservations in the CITY and in THE EXCELSIOR hotel you can also contact: Irini Koukesi / Eva Mavridou +30 2310 021000. Upon contact please clarify if you are interested for a reservation for the CITY hotel or THE EXCELSIOR hotel since contact phone and mail are common for the two hotels.


- Free coffee station for tea or coffee in the CITY hotel / Free Nespresso station for The EXCELSIOR hotel.
- Two bottles of water in the mini bar free or charge (only for reservations in the CIty hotel)
- Free use of the gym the City Hotel.
- Special discount in several city centre shops. American breakfast buffee in the Green Bar for THE CITY hotel/ American breakfast buffee in Charlie D for THE EXCELSIOR hotel

g price for the period 21-24/10/19 for single or double use / interior view for the CITY Hotel / classic room with double bed for THE EXCELSIOR hotel
h price for the period 25-26/10/19 for single or double use / interior view for the CITY Hotel / classic room with double bed for THE EXCELSIOR hotel

i Prices are valid only for reservations made by telephone or mail and not through any wesite including the hotel website. The name of the conference SBE 19 - Thessaloniki should be mentioned in the reservation request

Conference Venue

The foreseen venue for Thessaloniki SBE19 is the Aristotle University’s Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA). The Conference Center has three ultramodern auditoriums, exhibition space of 300 m² and public spaces ideal for hosting scientific conferences, symposiums and cultural events (fig.2).

The building is located downtown, on Tritis Septemvriou Str. at the Aristotle University’s campus between the Student Club and the University Sports Hall.

Gala Dinner Venue

The Gala Dinner will be held at Zithos Dore the 2nd day of the conference, Thursday at 20:30.

In the shadow of White Tower, Zithos Dore is placed exactly where it was in the past, the old historic haunt of Thessaloniki Dore, with its incomparable charm and glamour that the political, social, cultural and sporting life of the city gave it.